Do YOU know the 4 fields of Anthropology?

Anthropology is digging up dinosaurs, right?

Nope! Watch this video to learn more!

There are 2 kinds of people in the world...


People who are fascinated by Anthropology.

And two.

People who have no idea what exactly Anthropology is.

Many people think Anthropology is digging up dinosaurs, but nope, that's paleontology. Others think it's like Indiana Jones. Or the American TV show, "Bones." But there is a LOT more to Anthropology!

If YOU aren't sure what Anthropology is exactly, that's okay! I'm going to tell you about a way to learn about Anthropology, all without having to enroll in a college or university!


Who am I? And, how do I know about Anthropology?

Hi, I’m Keirsten Snover and I’m an Anthropologist! I have not just one, but TWO Master’s degrees in Anthropology (in addition to a Bachelor’s degree). I’ve studied Anthropology at universities for almost 10 years! And during that time, I won 10 awards for my work. Plus, I’ve even worked as a Medical Anthropologist for the Cleveland Clinic, the #2 hospital in the world!

I was frustrated because there weren’t many options for people to study Anthropology besides going to college. So, that's why I created Anthropology 4U... A small business that offers online courses in ALL 4 fields of Anthropology!

  • Cultural Anthropology

  • Physical/Biological Anthropology

  • Linguistic Anthropology

  • Archaeology

I'm SO excited to tell you about my new FREE online mini-course, "What is Anthropology?" Keep reading to learn more!


Introducing the Anthropology 4U Academy Course

What is Anthropology?

Want to learn more about Anthropology?

Don't know where to start? Take this FREE mini-course!

This course was made for YOU!

My courses are designed for people like YOU…people who want to learn Anthropology but don’t want to have to go to a college or university to do that.

And, the best part is that you CAN succeed in my courses, even if you think Anthropology will be too hard…

Or even if you know NOTHING about Anthropology! I teach you everything you need to know! My courses are made especially for beginners!

Now you can FINALLY learn Anthropology from an expert (me!)...all WITHOUT having the time, expense, and hassle of enrolling in college! And without trying to teach yourself from over half a billion Google results!

Wondering what exactly you'll learn in this course? Keep reading!

What to expect from this course

This course consists of 28 video lessons divided into 6 units. You'll learn about each

of the 4 fields of Anthropology and how they can be applied to real-world situations!



What can you expect from this mini-course? Are there differences between the mini-course and my full-length courses? What's the format of this mini-course? And what exactly is Anthropology, anyway? In this unit, you'll get answers to these questions and more!



Cultural Anthropology

What exactly does the field of Cultural Anthropology study? Are there specializations within this field? What types of questions do Cultural Anthropologists ask? And, how do these Cultural Anthropologists get their information on other cultures? And, can any of this be applied to the real world? Find out in this unit!



Physical Anthropology

What is Physical Anthropology? Does it have another name? What sort of topics do Physical Anthropologists study? What kinds of questions do Physical Anthropologists ask? And, how do they answer these questions? How is Physical Anthropology useful in the real world? Also, can you really tell if a skeleton is male or female? Find out the answers to these questions in this unit!



Linguistic Anthropology

What exactly is Linguistic Anthropology and what topics does it study? What kinds of questions do Linguistic Anthropologists ask, and how do they answer these questions? And, is there any way to use Linguistic Anthropology in real-world situations? Also, do sounds have meanings just like words do? Find out in this unit!




What is Archaeology, and what does it study? What do Archaeologists find when they dig? What can you figure out from an archaeological site, and how do you know how old the site is? And, is Archaeology useful at all in the real world? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this unit!




You've reached the end of the mini-course! But what if you want to practice what you've learned? And, what if you want to learn even more about Anthropology? Check out the TWO bonuses!


What do you need to take this course?

What is the format of this course?

Two kinds of video lectures!

This course is made up of 2 kinds of video lectures:

#1: Talking head videos. In these videos, you'll see my face on the screen, and I'll be talking to you.

#2: Narrated slideshows. Most of the videos are narrated slideshows. In these videos, you'll see PowerPoint slides (well, since I have a Mac, they're technically Keynote slides!) and I'll be talking in the background. You can see an example of a slide in the image on the right!


Activities to help you engage with the course content!

At the end of each of the main units, there is a short activity to do. These are short assignments to help you explore the lectures even more. Each one should only take about 15 to 30 minutes to do.

For each activity, you just download a PDF worksheet. Then, you follow the directions and type your answers directly into the PDF. It will be easiest to do these worksheets on a computer. If you don’t have a computer, or you don’t want to use a computer, you can just write your answers down in a notebook.

Also, you don’t need to turn the activity worksheets in—they are for your personal reflection and to help you engage with the course materials. So how do you know if you got the right answers? Well, I’ll go over each activity in the next lecture. I’ll also give you a completed worksheet to download that has the correct answers on it. You can see an example of an activity worksheet on the left!

And, at the end of each unit, there is a short quiz with 5 multiple-choice questions. You need to earn 80% or higher to pass the course. But, during the quiz, you can use any notes you took during the lectures!


And that's not all! I'm also including TWO bonus items!


$97 value

The first Bonus is a PDF containing links to Anthropology resources that are related to the course. So for this mini-course, the links include a few websites, some online articles to read, a couple of free textbooks, and some TED talks.


$97 value

The second Bonus is a list of links to some digital flashcards that I made just for this course. You can test your knowledge of the course material with these digital flashcards! You can also play a matching game with the information on the flashcards, too!

So be sure to check these bonuses out at the end of the course!


And, I'm offering a full-color personalized certificate!

The software I'm using to host my online courses automatically gives you a simple black and white certificate of completion. But that's not good enough for me!

So, I'm offering you a full-color personalized certificate when you complete the course!

Just send me an email through the Contact page when you finish the course. And be sure to let me know the exact name you want on the certificate, and I'll email one to you! You can see an example of the certificate on the left.


Here's a summary of what this course includes

  • Access to the course 24/7/365

  • Watch videos on mobile

  • 2 hours of video lectures

  • 8 downloadable resources

  • Access to the instructor for help (if you need it)

  • Full color personalized certificate (by email request)

  • Bonus #1: PDF of resources related to the course

  • Bonus #2: Digital flashcards & matching game

Here's what other students say about Anthropology 4U courses:

Now before I talk about enrolling in this course, let me remind you of everything that's included!

You're going to get full access to 28 video lectures, totaling about 2 hours of video! These lessons will teach you about each of the 4 fields of Anthropology. You'll also learn about some real-world applications of each of these 4 fields.

You'll get several downloadable PDF worksheets, containing short activities to help you engage with the course materials! You'll also get an answer key for each of the activities.

Also, you're going to get a full-color personalized certificate once you successfully complete the course!

And, you will get 2 BONUS items, absolutely FREE!

The first bonus item will give you links to online Anthropology resources so that you can learn even MORE!

The second bonus item will give you links to digital flashcards that I personally created for this course. And, you will also have access to a matching game!

And finally, you'll get access to me, in case you have ANY questions about the course!

So, let's talk about the

cost of this online course...

Because I want to get this mini-course out to as many people as possible, I'm offering it for FREE! That's a $491 value! Just use the code A4UFREE at checkout.

I know a lot of people want to try before they buy. So, I'm making this mini-course available for free so that you can get an idea of what my full-length courses are like.

If you like this mini-course, you'll love my full-length courses! Be sure to check them out! And, I am constantly creating new courses, so if you don't see anything interesting, check back again another time.

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